Young people are the pride of our families and the hope of our city. That’s why the high school and middle school ministry of Cru New York City exists.  Cru is an international faith-based organization committed to helping teenagers navigate the turbulent years of adolescence.  Since 1967, our staff and partners have joined hands with educators, parents, churches and community leaders in cities all across the United States, helping students make a positive difference in their schools and communities. Cru's influence extends to thousands of students through our more than 600 full-time staff, interns and volunteers. Our aim is to build a generation of young people into men and women who will love God, love others, and change the world.

We do this through various programs, which include discussion groups, individual mentoring, leadership training, school assemblies, conferences and retreats. In all of these activities, students are in touch with people who care and are able to help them develop in the social, mental and spiritual dimensions of life. Our team members also help coaches, teachers and counselors by serving as motivational speakers for classrooms, clubs or teams, and assist in other ways to help the educational process. 

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