New York City has the largest public school system in the nation with 1.1 million students in over 1600 public schools.  These schools are filled with students with dreams for a better tomorrow.  For many, education is a means to those dreams.  However, the issues students face back in their homes and communities often follow them into the classroom.  Students also wrestle with deeper questions about meaning and purpose.  How they deal with these issues and questions shapes their choices, character, and educational experience. 

Cru recognizes the complexities facing both our teenagers and the educators who are equipped to teach. We come alongside educators as they stand in the gap to help teenagers tackle the issues of life.  Cru staff members and partners are available as motivational speakers for classrooms, clubs or teams.  

Some of our topics include:
-Preparing for College
-Character Development
-Study Habits (“How to Get Better Grades and Have More Fun”)
-Team Unity
-Desire, Dedication & Determination (for athletic teams)

Our staff members have a desire to help. In addition to their college education our full-time staff, as well as our volunteers and affiliates, receive training to better meet the needs of today’s youth. They are mentors who students can talk with about solutions to life’s problems, and provide a refreshing atmosphere of genuine acceptance based on Judeo-Christian values.


As a teacher I have had the pleasure of witnessing the amazing work that Cru is doing within my school. The students who have come in connect with Cru have been better for it. I have personally seen the impact of Cru on students. A number of students I have taught participate in Cru’s activities. In the students who attend, I have seen noticeable changes in their behavior, character and overall demeanor.

Cru volunteers offer assistance with athletics, academics and character development. Their presence in the building has improved the quality of the school. Many programs within schools put great emphasis on academics, however most of those programs, if not all, fail to place importance on character development. Cru is a program that goes beyond just the academics but also emphasizes the importance of qualities such as; integrity, honesty, self-control and friendship

If I had the ability, I would recommend that Cru be in every school in New York City. That’s how good I think the program is.