You only have four years to make a difference on your high school campus.  What difference will you make? What legacy will you leave?  Cru exist to come alongside you to help answer those questions.  Each of you will answer these questions differently, but at Cru we believe our best answers are shaped as we understand God’s plan for our lives. 

Some of you might be saying, "Hold up! I'm not ready to entertain a conversation about faith and God. Does He really have relevance to my life?"  Before you stop reading, we want you to know that we are aware of such questions. We provide an environment where students can honestly explore their questions without judgment.  So if that's where you're at, just come as you are.

For others of you, your faith is important, but you may be looking for a place to connect with others and grow in your relationship with God. Cru provides a place of community as well as opportunities for leadership and service. We offer mentoring and training to help you make a difference in your school and world.

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Being a part of Cru High School has changed my life for the better. I found a sense of self and life long friends who I can count on in times of need.